Shiva’s Abode was incepted and founded in October 2011 with a vision to witness all of us  “Live our Paradise on Earth”.

Shiva’s Abode’s mission is to invoke and re-instate the Divine-Self in each one by balancing the Divine Feminine (yin/Shakti) and Divine Masculine (yang/Shiv) and to bridge the gap between the metaphysical (unseen) and the physical (seen) realm so that we walk our God-consciousness, living the mantra….

                                                   "I love you through myself and through you I worship myself."





Shuddhi Therapy was conceived by Shikha & Richard in February 2013. Just a month before there were to be married, Shikha developed an acute lower back spasm radiating on to the sciatica nerve all the way to the lower left knee. The pain was very intense and she would at times be immobile. Being healers themselves, they tried all the complimentary healing modalities that they had learned, but the results were not satisfactory. They then sought outside help like doctors,physiotherapist and other healers but there was no difference. They had about ten days to go for the wedding and Shikha was almost bed ridden. Finally by divine grace in a meditation they channeled the recipe of a healing oil based on the five “Shuddh Tattva” in Shaivism along with the ritualistic process.They made they first 500 ml of the healing oil. In the first application there was a big difference in the pain and in three days she was completely healed.
There was also a holistic skincare formulation that was channeled at same time to better the skin just before the wedding. The brand got the name “Shuddhi Therapy” since it is based on the principle of purification...the five “Shuddh Tattvas”.
A few days after their marriage they started getting reports of a people benefiting with the healing oil and the skincare in ways that they had not thought of. On realizing that the oil and and skincare were not really products but a solutions for a lot of aliments when used in different way.

“Shuddhi Therapy” was born as a solution for health and beauty and they had the first Trade show as “Shuddhi Therapy” in June 2013. Since then “Shuddhi Therapy” has participated in various shows like wedding shows, fashion expo(s), spiritual exhibitions, music festivals and farmer;s markets.

“Shuddhi Therapy” has come a long way since then, packing moving from plastic to glass packaging, the formulation of the Shuddhi Therapy Healing oil and Shuddhi Therapy Holistic Skincare has evolved and improved to heal a lot more and benefit the skin immensely “Shuddhi Therapy” also launched the Holistic Skincare Bar to satisfy the personal desire of having complete, intensive skincare with the convenience and ease of use.

“Shuddhi Therapy” is growing steadily, home delivery of its products anywhere in the world.


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"I love you through myself and through you I worship myself"