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"Welcome to Shuddhi Therapy...

I am Shikhard, your e-shuddhitherapist."

I am here to help you find the right solution Shuddhi Therapy has to offer for your Health and Beauty needs.

Shuddhi in the Sanskrit language means "Purification".

Shuddhi Therapy is an all-natural ageless recipe based  on the principle of the five "Shuddha Tattvas" to heal & restore the body and beautify the skin for you to "Feel Divine" & "Look Divine".

Handmade while performing spiritual practices and sound therapy that invoke and amplify the divine properties of all the ingredients, Shuddhi Therapy, an alchemical breakthrough in Health & Beauty, invokes both the "inner beauty" and "outer beauty" in each one.



Shiva's Abode

b 901 #36, Veera Desai Rd

Andheri west, Mumbai 53. 

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T:(+91) 9820522789

Created at Shiva's Abode

"I love you through myself and through you I worship myself"