I bought both of your products when I visited your stall in Koregaon Park(Pune) recently. I am from England (North London) and have worked as a UK lawyer /advocate. I came to Pune looking to be healed. I could barely walk in September and now I'm pain free. Before I tried your product I was down (pain-wise) to around 90% through various efforts and treatments; I still felt twangs of pain in my lower back and suffered sciatic pain but certainly not as much as I felt before. Since I used your product I haven't felt even the slightest amount of pain.Thank you so much. Would love to work with you

Priya Mehta (UK)

Hi..!! Shuddhi Therapy is by far the MOST AWESOMEST product I have ever come across.. It has made me fall in love with myself.. This feeling is amazing..!! The texture of my skin has become baby soft.. And the oil makes me feel lighter from within..  I am glad I came across such an amazing product..! PS : The day I saw Shuddhi Therapy products at Farmer's Market - Westin Mumbai.. I could immediately connect to it.. And I knew we had a long way to go.. 0:) Highly Recommended!

One of my patients was suffering from Carpel Tunnel Syndrome for a while. I had recommended Shuddhi Therapy healing oil but the client ignored the advice and went ahead with surgery. However even after the surgery the client was still in pain. She then started applying the oil and had complete relief from the issue in about ten days.

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